Reconcliation via Cricket: Murali Harmony Cup 2014 sprouts more buds



Sanga rules the north……As Sri Lanka recovers from a devastating civil war, Kumar Sangakkara does his bit to help with reconciliation in the LTTE’s former stronghold

Botham, Jayawardene open Murali Cup……Ian Botham and Mahela Jayawardene opened the 2013 Murali Cup in Kilinochchi on Friday, as the five-day tournament began in five venues across Sri Lanka’s northern province

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An Arsehole of a Motor Cyclist !!


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October 26, 2014 · 2:43 am

Saving Talaivar Prabhākaran, 2009: Fr. Gaspar Raj’s Revelations in 2010

Saving private ryan The title for this item is inspired by that riveting film from 1998 entitled Saving Private Ryan with Tom Hanks in the lead role.

 KEY QUOTATION: “It is said that the LTTE was agreeable to USA’s direct involvement, but they were not agreeable to locking the weapons. The USA had also started preparing for the Mullivaikal operation. Accordingly, PACOM’s Naval unit, Marine Expediency Brigade, will land at the Mullaithivu shores; and the Navy and the Air Force of PACOM will also join in this operation” … being just one stick of dynamite in “Mullivaikal Last Stages: Facts Unknown to the Tamil-Speaking World,” by Fr. Gaspar Raj, an essay in Tamil translated by one “ M N” for Nakeeran and then presented to the world by Sri Lanka Guardian on 23rd June 2010.

 Jegath Jesuit Fr. Raj prabha-tiger Talaivar Pirapāharan in his guerrilla days

This essay was re-discovered by accident when I went through my computer files recently and becomes extremely important in the light of (A) the recent review article by Daya Gamage; (B) the startling facts and manoeuvres that are displayed in the raw within the US Embassy despatches of 2009 made available by Wikileaks;[1] and (C) by the veteran journalist[2] PK Balachandran’s information on Revd. Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj’s role in 2009 and his endorsement of key facts in the Gaspar Raj essay…….inserted here at the end of the article by Gaspar Raj.[3] Michael Roberts.

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Absorbing Lanka’s Variety by Rail

Anthony Dennis whose original title reads “Sri Lanka’s charmingly colonial era railway”

A journey on one of the most charming railway systems in the world reinforces the maxim that all great travel involves a modicum of discomfort. At Colombo’s Fort Station, the trapped tropical humidity inside the building’s interior, a tangle of silver-coated wrought and corrugated iron straight out of the early 20th-century British colonial era, is intense. I feel like a chicken inside a pressure cooker, and probably look like one, as I await my train for the two-and-a-half-hour ride to Kandy.

RAIL Lanka 1 I’m at the beginning of a 10-day journey around Sri Lanka. Such is the antiquated nature of the Sri Lankan railway network that here, in my perspired state, I wouldn’t be surprised if a locomotive, spewing steam and nostalgia, drew into the platform. Soon enough my train, pulled by a diesel loco, arrives and I identify the carriage – the last –with the words “Observation Saloon” written on it. Continue reading

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Exotic Birds flying across the world … on the ‘wings’ of internet addicts

………. long live the chain mailers … and Felix Ng

Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock Guianan Cock-of-the-RockKing of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise++ King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise Continue reading

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War Magic and Warrior Religion. Q and A with DS Farrer

Berghahn Q & A for War Magic & Warrior Religion: Sorcery, Cognition & Embodiment

berg DOUG Farrer Douglas Farrer

What drew you to the study of War Magic & Warrior Religion?

Initially I was drawn to the study of war magic through my doctoral research into a Sufi warrior cult, where the Malay martial art (silat) was employed as a means to attract and secure local and international followers and converts. A wise informant, Dato Penggawa Tua Zaharah Mokhtar, recommended that I start with Winstedt [1925] (1993), Shaw (1976), and Skeat’s [1900] (1993) books on Malay magic to begin my research on silat.  At the time I was lecturing on Weber at the National University of Singapore, so the chiasmus between warrior religion and war magic came naturally: of course, the connection also appears in Deleuze and Guattari’s [1987] (2004) Treatise on Nomadology—The War Machine, among other sources. Continue reading

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The Osama Bin Laden Killing in Graphic Detail. An American Way of Telling

pickeringLarry Pickering: “Obama avoids paying his Bin Laden Bill,” 20 October 2014, at

Alternative Title: “Who Shot Osama?” — “WE ALL did it” says the Navy Seal Shooter

bin-laden-is-dead YESThere is little sympathy for the Pakistani who fingered Osama Bin Laden in return for a $US25 million bounty. He still sits rotting in a Pakistani jail with no hope of ever seeing day light, let alone his reward. Meanwhile the US Administration continues to slip billions in foreign aid into the voluminous pockets of recently elected President Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and their corrupt Administration.

US Navy SEALs risked their lives intruding on Pakistan’s sovereign territory in the dead of night to take out the West’s most wanted man and within the shadow of a Pakistani military base. Needless to say the Navy SEALs were not entitled to overtime rates. Continue reading

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