War Magic and Warrior Religion. Q and A with DS Farrer

Berghahn Q & A for War Magic & Warrior Religion: Sorcery, Cognition & Embodiment

berg DOUG Farrer Douglas Farrer

What drew you to the study of War Magic & Warrior Religion?

Initially I was drawn to the study of war magic through my doctoral research into a Sufi warrior cult, where the Malay martial art (silat) was employed as a means to attract and secure local and international followers and converts. A wise informant, Dato Penggawa Tua Zaharah Mokhtar, recommended that I start with Winstedt [1925] (1993), Shaw (1976), and Skeat’s [1900] (1993) books on Malay magic to begin my research on silat.  At the time I was lecturing on Weber at the National University of Singapore, so the chiasmus between warrior religion and war magic came naturally: of course, the connection also appears in Deleuze and Guattari’s [1987] (2004) Treatise on Nomadology—The War Machine, among other sources. Continue reading

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The Osama Bin Laden Killing in Graphic Detail. An American Way of Telling

pickeringLarry Pickering: “Obama avoids paying his Bin Laden Bill,” 20 October 2014, at http://pickeringpost.com/story/obama-avoids-paying-his-bin-laden-bill/3971A

Alternative Title: “Who Shot Osama?” — “WE ALL did it” says the Navy Seal Shooter

bin-laden-is-dead YESThere is little sympathy for the Pakistani who fingered Osama Bin Laden in return for a $US25 million bounty. He still sits rotting in a Pakistani jail with no hope of ever seeing day light, let alone his reward. Meanwhile the US Administration continues to slip billions in foreign aid into the voluminous pockets of recently elected President Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and their corrupt Administration.

US Navy SEALs risked their lives intruding on Pakistan’s sovereign territory in the dead of night to take out the West’s most wanted man and within the shadow of a Pakistani military base. Needless to say the Navy SEALs were not entitled to overtime rates. Continue reading

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Ian Botham bats for Sri Lanka … and walks too

Ian Botham: “Hit for six by spectacular Sri Lanka …” at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2787839/Ian-Botham-reveals-Sri-Lanka-perfect-holiday-destination.html

BOTHAMS --REX PICS My initial impression of Sri Lanka? Hot. I first visited in 1982 – when England played their first test match against Sri Lanka in Colombo. Then we went and played in Kandy, in the central province, and it has become one of my favourite places in the whole country. It’s home to the Temple of the Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa), and is the most important spot for Sri Lanka’s Buddhist community.

The whole town is steeped in history. It’s always been one of the country’s major trading places, and there are beautiful temples and tea plantations. It must be part of your itinerary. A family favourite: Ian Botham has spent time with his grandchildren in Sri Lanka – and has long found Kandy (right), where the Temple of the Tooth Relic is an important Buddhist landmark – to be one of its greatest cities Continue reading

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Boom Time in Lanka? Three Good Signs

ONE; Financial Times of UK …”Lanka next Asian Tiger”

GDP surged 175 percent to $ 67 b. Sri Lanka’s first US dollar-denominated mutual fund [was] launched [and] Sri Lanka is gearing itself to be Asia’s next tiger, only five years after ending the three decades long separatist war with economic reforms fuelling astounding growth, the prestigious Financial Times published in the UK stated.

Lanka as Tiger

Since 2009, when the war ended the country’s Gross Domestic Product has surged 175 per cent, to $67bn, and is projected to top $76 bn this year. Real GDP, adjusted for price changes, is up by two-thirds over the period, to 6.7 per cent, and is projected to remain in that range for the medium term. Continue reading

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Meeting Ms Koala in Belair Park


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Devanesan Nesiah’s Reflections on Tamil Circumstances via Jayaweera and the Scottish Referendum

Nesiah ONE: Reviewing Neville Jayaweera’s Book on Jaffna, viz.,Exorcising the Past and Holding the Vision

NEVILLE Jayaweera

When I was asked by Marshall Fernando whether I would review the above, I readily agreed. Neville was several years senior to me in the Ceylon Civil Service. He also served as the Government Agent (GA) Jaffna but 18 years before my turn. I know him well and have some familiarity with his career till he left the Island prematurely. Further, during his three months as GA Badulla, I was his deputy. He is widely regarded as one of the most distinguished of many eminent members of the Ceylon Civil Services. His tenure in Jaffna was particularly well appreciated, even by many who were deeply distrustful of him when he first arrived in there. Continue reading

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Yaal Devi: Euphoria, Lampoon and Caveat as Trains to Jaffna run again

MR in YAAAL   “Jaffna, here I come’  President greeting the people of Jaffna”

02- r'way to jaffna

Continue reading

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