Featuring Neena Gopal: Hitting the Headlines with her Revelations on the Background of the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination

NEENA GOPAN  In 1991, she was the last Indian journalist to interview Rajiv Gandhi and a few metres away from him when a female LTTE suicide bomber blew herself up and killed the former Indian Prime Minister. Twenty-five years later, Neena Gopal, the then young journalist, returns to the picture to tell a bigger story in her new book “The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi”, unearthing, among other matters, the role India’s intelligence arm, the Research and Analysis Wing, played in Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict that dragged on for three decades. The Sunday Times today carries extracts from the book. Continue reading

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Where Indian Intelligence Services failed Rajiv Gandhi

Neena Gopal’s NEENA Revelations in her book featured in The Sunday Times, August 2016, under the title “The RAW Truth in Sri Lanka”

Rajiv Gandhi avarunde mandalai addipodalam.’ ‘Dump pannidungo.’ Blow Rajiv Gandhi’s head off. Eliminate him. ‘Maranai vechidungo.’ Kill him.

RAJIC SPEAKING Rajiv Gandhi at an Election Rally — www.dailyo.in

Of the hundreds of intercepts between the thirty-eight- odd Tamil insurgent camps in the Nilgiris in India and their cohorts in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, almost every single one centred on arms shipments and gunrunning between Vedaranyam and Point Pedro, barely 18 kilometres from coast to coast. But no intercept would be as chilling as the kill order that came through in short bursts of VHS communication on a frequency that the LTTE favoured, that April day in 1990.

When it was intercepted, it set off alarm bells among Tamil insurgents ranged against the Tigers, their numbers already worn thin by the LTTE’s targeting of their cadres and top leadership. The intercept, in Old Tamil interspersed with English used by the Jaffna Tamils—and largely incomprehensible to Indian Tamils—only added to the confusion that hung over the all too brief radio message. Continue reading

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Tamils For Sri Lankan Unity speak out in Chennai

Special Correspondent, The Hindu, 20 August 2016

An atmosphere conducive to find a permanent political solution to the Sri Lankan Tamil issue is emerging now and it is the moral responsibility of the Tamil diaspora to join in reconstruction efforts, according to a group of Tamil MPs from the island nation. Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Sivagnanam Siritharan, Kilinochi MP, said that with the coming together of two major political parties and the efforts of several nations, including India, pointed to the emergence of an opportunity to find a permanent political solution to the Sri Lankan Tamil issue.

chennai Making a case:(From left) Sri Lankan MPs Sivagnanam Siritharan, Charles Nirmalanathan and Velukumar —Photo: G. Moorthy

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Exposed: Action Contre La Faim’s Nakedness at Muttur in August 2006

Manoli Jinadasa, in The Island, 24 August 2016. where the title is “ACF cruelly abandoned its workers and compensation, too. Response to Action Contre La Faim (ACF)”…. Note: highlighting emphases is the imposition of the Editor,Thuppahi

I refer to your news item (First Page – Sunday Island – 17.08.2016) which reports that the French Charity Action Contre La Faim (ACF) has urged the Sri Lankan government to hold a credible investigation into the killing of 17 of its aid workers in Muttur a decade ago, expressing the view that previous investigations into the ACF attack have been “inconclusive”.

ACF DEAD Mourning the ACF dead

ACF, the employer of the 17 deceased aid workers, have periodically issued press statements of this nature, in an effort to promulgate an absolute misconception that there had not been a credible inquiry into this incident. There was indeed a full scale inquiry by a panel of eminent persons, at which ACF was found to have been negligent in respect of the safety of its employees, a fact which the ACF is attempting to hide by conveniently ignoring the Commission of Inquiry that successfully conducted a full scale inquiry and tendered a comprehensive report concerning this incident.

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Maithripala Sirisena embroiled in 2011 Bribery Allegation in Australia

Nick McKenzie et al, in The Age,24 August 2016,where the title is “Australian companies linked to bribe scandals in Sri Lanka and Congo”

Two Australian companies are embroiled in bribery scandals that reach into the offices of the presidents of Sri Lanka and the Republic of Congo, as the firms sought to secure multi-million dollar contracts. Coming in the wake of foreign bribery allegations implicating Tabcorp, Leighton Holdings and BHP Billiton, the revelations will put pressure on the Turnbull government to reform Australia’s failing anti-corruption framework.

aa -Neil MHard to please … Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou Nguesso, left, pictured with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Photo: AP

Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena. aa-Neil M 22Photo: AP

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Aussie Border Protection: Six Lankans returned Forthwith to Sri Lanka

Rod Mcguirk, Associated Press, Canberra, 18 August 2016

Six asylum seekers who attempted to reach Australia by boat have been sent back to Sri Lanka in a demonstration that tough border enforcement measures had not softened since recent Australian elections, a Cabinet minister said Wednesday. A tip from the Sri Lankan government alerted Australian authorities that the boat was on its way, Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton said in a statement. The six were returned to Sri Lanka on Tuesday, he said. “This return shows that there has not been, and will not be, any change to Australia’s robust border protection policies,” Dutton said. The government releases few details about such interceptions at sea, which have prevented any asylum seeker from reaching Australia by boat for two years.

asylum seekers -daily tel


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World’s Principal Shipping Routes ….. with a Ranil Cavil



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