Dushy’s forays at Kumana and round ‘n about

Dushy Perera amateur cameraman shows us NATURE in its most vivid forms

Chestnut headed bee eater chestnut headed bee eater

photo (4)  grey-headed hawk eagle? 

changeable hawk eagle changeable hawk eagle?


openbill stork Open-bill Stork

photo (6) the rare Black-Necked stork at a distance

DSC03650 painted stork

DSC03686 … apoi apoi !!

AND THEN … photo (2) there is Mr or Mrs Kimbula …

DSC03689 and THE ALIYA

and mischievous JO photo (3)

and scavenger NARIYA DSC03654 DSC03656





Filed under landscape wondrous, performance, photography, slanted reportage, travelogue

3 responses to “Dushy’s forays at Kumana and round ‘n about

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