Buddhist Belief & Practice in the Sri Lanka Army

Daniel Kent, of University of Virginia via http://thecarthaginiansolution.wordpress.com/war/buddhist-belief-practice-in-the-sri-lanka-army/

To refrain from taking any life is Buddhism defined. How then do Buddhist soldiers go to war in the full knowledge that they are required to perform a deed which ensures negative karma in this life and the next? Daniel Kent, Assistant Professor in religious studies at the University of Virginia presents some startling insights resulting from research and discussion with soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army.

Download his doctoral dissertation,  [Shelter For You, Nirvana For Our Sons: Buddhist Belief and Practice in the Sri Lankan Army (2008) [PDF file].

Badulla_Shelter-2[1] A bus shelter in the Uva region of Sri Lanka built by a family in commemoration of a son who died fighting for Sri Lanka against the LTTE — Pic by Mango … an illustration o“Shelter For You, Nirvana For Our Sons”


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