Fabulous Bird Snaps from Marcel Bandaranaike in Lanka

Marcel bird 33 Changeable Hawk Eagle

 Marcel bird 155 

ALSO SEE http://www.dailynews.lk/?q=local/top-seven-wild-sri-lanka-flagship-species

Marcel bird 22

POND HERON THALAWATUGODA Pond Heron at Thalawatugoda

POND HERONS BUNDALA Pond herons at Bundala

SCALEY BREASTED MUNIA-N ELIYA Scaley-Breasted Munia– Nuwara Eliya

SERPENT EAGLE Serpent Eagle — owning the sky

YOUNG MALBARHORNBILL young Malbar Hornbill


BIRD 4Crested Hawk EagleBIRD 3 Changeable Hawk Eagle

Asian Kole Thalagama Asian Koel at Thalagama off Colombo

Asian Paradise Flycatcher- Tanamalwiila  Asian Paradise Flycatcher at Thanamalwila  black hade doriole Talangama Black Hooded Oriole Talangama

brown battaramulla Brown Headed Barbet – Battaramulla

Changeable Hawk eagle

Chestnut hooded bee eagle  Chestnut Hooded Beeeater– Wilpattu

Egrets Egrets at Korna Wewa Yala


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6 responses to “Fabulous Bird Snaps from Marcel Bandaranaike in Lanka

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