Sigiriya as Miniature Mount Meru — An American Extravaganza!

SEE YOU TUBE  by so-called US scientists=

SL – VIDEO – Sigiriya – “Discovered” by British…..”Built” by Aliens…..per History Channel. History Channel lies from the start…..”Discovered” by British Army Officer in 18th century….BS….History of Sigiriya is written in the Mahawansa……the history of the Sinhala people…
to some so-called Western “Experts”….all man-made wonders of the NON-Western World…..Asia – Africa – Americas…..are “created /
built” by Aliens….eg….Pyramids – ( Egypt )Machu Picchu –  ( Peru) Nacza Lines – ( Peru ) Angkor Wat – ( Cambodia )Borobudur – (
Indonesia )Palanque – ( Mexico )Chichen Itza – ( Mexico )Tikal  – (Guatemala )…etc – etc – etc…. to these “Experts”….Only Western Civilization……eg starting with Greek – Roman……were by humans…..I present below more down to earth images taken in recent times, beginning with a beautiful distance shot by Dr Janaka Gallangoda


….. 800px-The_Mirror_Wall_&_Spiral_Stairs_leading_to_the_Frescoes

ascending Sigiri

Sigiriya157 I wonder whether this image would be interpreted as an image of the vaginal cavity of  a celestial goddess who gave birth to the rock

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