Glory Be!! Young Josephian Choir matches the Best

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Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! by St Joseph’s College mpeg4


Beautiful singing  and a very inspirational conductor, could give the Vienna Boys Choir a good run (I have seen them performing live). Hallelujah !!!
“Here is  a beauty from St Joseph’s Choir – phenomenal.  I love the conductor… He is so much into the music” –An email note. Addendum: There is also the soloist to marvel at. aa-st josephs



Dara Ganna Baa (St.Joseph’s College Colombo 10 – Tribute to Rev.Fr.Sylvester Ranasinghe)

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Published on Feb 12, 2014

Lyrics by :- Rev.Fr.Samith Rangana
Composed by :- Mast.Milan Perera
Sung by :- Rhythm of the Joes Finalists (Ashen Allas, Emesh Wijewardana, Shahen Silva,Leeth Singhege, Ravindu Fonseka )
Recorded in :- Joneth Studios

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