Burgher Tennis Club in Galle, circa 1928

Burgher Tennis Club

Left to right – Standing: Messrs R. W. E. de Vos, Vyvil Loudowyk, Fred Bastiansz, E. F. C. Ludowyk Jnr., R. A. de Vos, Bubsy Austin, E. F. C. Ludowyk Snr, W. Colin-Thomé, Dudley de Kretser, Arthur Arndt, Bertie Toussaint

Seated: Miss Mina de Vos, Miss E. Koch, Mrs Glen Altendorf, Mrs Bertie Joseph, Mrs R. A. de Vos, Mrs Bertie Toussaint, Miss Rita Kale, Mrs E. F. C. Ludowyk, Mrs W. Colin-Thomé, Mrs Dudley de Kretser, Mrs Bessie Bartholomeusz,

Seated on ground: Earnleigh de Krester, Miss Owen Ludowyk, Miss Ina de Zilwa, Miss Mabel Arndt, Miss Mavis Ludowyk, Miss Dagmar Toussaint, Francis Toussaint.

A NOTE: I discovered this photograph mounted on cardboard in my Mss depository, but cannot recollect how i got it . …. possibly from Rene Ludowyk or Percy Colin-Thomé,  The latter would have been the one who identified the personnel for the details inserted i with the image in my sister’s book, Galle As Quiet as Asleep.









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