Animal Ways

a hermit crab at Mirissa

  a copulating pair of Toque Macaque at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens …. maybe 7-to-8 acts of penetration within the minute…not rape – just a willing partner

  a Murder of Crows on the lawns of Mount Lavinia Hotel

Elephant dung at Pinnawela

   and crows & stray dogs benefiting from the fishermen’s beach seine (madal) catch at Negombo

…….. OR wild hogs begging for food from tourists leaving Yala National Park mid-morning

   like that notorious fellow “Rambo” at Uda Walawe National Park

  …… Whereas the elephants at Pinnawela are better trained

  …… goats at Kirinde

…… kangaroos at Belair National Park

…. with Cockatoos as neighbours nearby

  …. and Kookaburras in our back garden next door

Contrasting with a crested eagle snapped at Bundala National Park by Zac Ronald … and wrestling elephants captured by Dr Janaka Gallangoda somewhere in Lanka


SO — what a contrast these pictures betray when placed beside the ways of human beings at Mirissa 

  …. and at Yala … 

and finally let me conclude with two puzzles: what, pray, are these ‘creatures’?


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