Galle Fort and Its Literary and Pictorial Fare: A Partial Bibliography

Juliet Coombe: “Kumar Sangakkara’s House in Galle Fort: The Gamechanger,” 31 May 2017,

Joe Simpson: “Appreciating Galle in Its Quietness and Pastness,” 18 May 2017,

Joe Simpson: “The NOH and Galle in January 1088,” 23 February 2018,

Michael Roberts: “Donald Friends Imagining of Galle Fort and Port during the !890s.” 10 October 2010,

Michael Roberts: “Inside Galle Fort in Recent Years,” 31 May 2014,

Michael Roberts: “Vanishing Lifeways at the Foot of Galle Fort in the 1930s,” 28 February 2018,

Michael Roberts: “Donald Friend’s Imagining of Galle Fort and Port during the 1890s,” 20 January 2018,

Michael Roberts:Two Reflections on the Galle Literary Fest of 2008,” 21 January 2018,

Mahil Wijesinghe:  “A Grand Monument of Dutch Rule in Sri Lanka: The Dutch Reformed Church,” 11 June 2017,


Engeltine Cottage in Kandy: The Intertwining of Three Families — Pieris, Sangakkara and Krishnapillai,” 4 April 2012,



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