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Yang vs Liu in Chisholm, Australia: A New Mark for Chinese Migrants

BBC News Item 17 May 2019 with this title  “The Chinese-Australians making political history”

The Chinese-Australians making political historyProduced by Danny Vincent

There are around 1.2 million Australians with Chinese heritage but there has never been a Chinese-Australian MP in the lower house.When Australians go to the polls on 18 May in a federal election, history could well be made in the seat of Chisholm in Melbourne, where two Chinese-Australian candidates are running against each other.


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Political Intolerance on the Rise. Fostered by Social Media

Chris Kenny, in The Australian, 8 May 2019, where the title runs “Egg attack on Morrison hints at rotten state of public debate”

The Albury egging was so pathetic it didn’t even crack the egg. But there would have been milliseconds of sharp concern and shambolic reactions, with one woman knocked to the ground, that ruined what otherwise would have been a terrific event for the Country Women’s Association. And while they will be outwardly phlegmatic, Scott Morrison, his staff and the Australian Federal Police close personal protection officers will be — pardon the pun — walking on eggshells for a while.

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The Issue for Australians on May 18th

Which Party and which Prime Minister should Aussie Voters enthrone up there?

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Wakes in Australian Churches for Terror-Victims in Sri Lanka via Lankan-Aussie Initiatives

Sri Lankan Australians in all the cities  have initiated gatherings to grieve and honour those killed in the merciless attacks on Churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday 2019. I reproduce one notice from Dr. Charitha Perera, Hon. Consul for Sri Lanka in Adelaide. I will be adding illustrative photographs from some of these events in the next few days and request friends to send striking snaps of these sad moments of ANGUISH and REMEMBRANCE (coinciding as they do with the reflections of ANZAC DAY).

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Hanging Israel Folau: Corporate Power in ‘Marriage’ with the Bigotry of Progressives

Steven Chavura, in The Australian, 25 April 2019, with this title “Beware the Choke Tackle of Diversity”

In the seminal textbook of liberalism, On Liberty (1859), John Stuart Mill depicted a Victorian England full of prudishness and prejudice, describing social convention, rather than the government, as the greatest threat to freedom of speech. In some ways little has changed, for it is not the government that has sought to punish Israel Folau for his public Christianity. Yet at the same time it is not society either, at least not in the sense of a grassroots movement to see his contract terminated. Indeed, many fans in lower-middle-class multicultural suburbs would find nothing offensive about the sentiments on homosexuality that he expressed in his infamous tweets.

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The Christchurch Killer’s Dungeon of a Mind

ONE = Greg Sheridan: “A Manifesto for a Dark Age,” in The Australian, 23 March 2019

The manifesto of Brenton Tarrant, the alleged Christchurch gunman, displays an extreme contemporary embodiment of six historical trends. It is the mirror in morality, personality and rhetoric of the archetypal Islamic State terrorist. It is the inheritor of the most extreme traditions of white racism, both the North American tradition and its Germanic cousin. Its outlook is crippled by an addiction to conspiracy theories of a type long familiar, especially in the modern US.

Brenton Tarrant with his father Rodney.

Brenton Tarrant as a youth with his father Rodney n 2006

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Christchurch Hate Killings and the Hate Arising from the Digana Contretemps: Editorial Reflections

Editorial in the Sunday Observer of Sri Lanka, 17 March 2019, entitledChristchurch and our own national experience”

Blood is being spilt with the claim of protecting one’s own ‘flesh and blood.’ It happened last Friday in Christchurch, in usually quiet New Zealand; it has happened in this country in sustained internal conflict over decades; and, it has happened all over the world throughout human history.

The gloom instilled by this litany is, however, dispelled by the bright success of societies in overcoming violence between communities, in managing conflict and, channelling social energies toward civilisational attainment. Happy are the societies that are warmly inclusive, that bravely embrace differentiation and unfamiliarity. Happy are those who celebrate co-existence and avoid or resolve the disruptions between groups, between people. Continue reading


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