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War: Its Stark Truths

Richard Koenigsberg

Wars are fought–soldiers die–to testify to the truth of a society’s sacred ideal. If so many people die for an ideology—it must be real.

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Marooned between LA and Colombo as Working Man

Escape from LA: Why Lockdown in Sri Lanka works for MyEtherWallet Founder ….

Any rational assessment of the 1996 Kurt Russell thriller Escape From L.A. will conclude that the movie is truly awful. How ridiculous is a plot in which an authoritarian dubs himself President For Life and builds a giant wall to keep undesirables out of the United States, before injecting the hero with a potent strain of a ‘flu-like virus?

These days the 28-year-old co-founder of MyEtherWallet climbs thirty flights of stairs each day. Or to be precise, he climbs the same flight of stairs, thirty times. It’s about the only physical exercise he can get at his mother’s house in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo, which has been under a diligently-enforced 24 hour a day curfew.

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Anti-Chinese Racism flares up in Australia

ONE: A Note from Fair Dinkum in Melbourne, 17 April 2020

There have been over 178 attacks on Chinese people and anyone of Asian appearance in the last weeks in Australia which began after the Australian government launched a vicious attack on China, for political reasons. Note that the New South Wales govt has been anti- China for quite a while.

If you follow the Australian media, they simply replicate the government’s discourse on China. The government and the media work together.  So, it is right to blame the government.

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A Verbal Joust on the Roots of the Pandemic: Fair Dinkum pummels Wei

Fair Dinkum

I was delighted that my commentary titled “WHO trumps and blunts Trump” (9 April) provoked a hostile response from David Wei. I enjoyed reading it. However, his criticisms of me and his counterclaims cannot go by unchallenged and hence this response.

Wei provides no factual evidence to change my views. I stand by my article and criticisms of Trump’s mishandling of this crisis and his weak attack on the WHO. Many of the views I expressed in my commentary are shared by many rationale people around the world, which can be easily verified by searching through many credible open sources.

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Virus Free? Playmates Horsing Around in Adelaide

FL …. 24 March

Hi Guys, This modelling by Unis Sydney shows why we need to exercise our social distancing now. This sort of modelling is a powerful tool in the fight against the virus and modelling becomes more powerful when supported by observation. Wuhan and China in general have provided that supporting observation.

And what does the orange fwit in America want to do....the exact bloody opposite.

If we’re to keep Saturday tennis, I’ll bring some hand sanitiser for use between sets.
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Miniature Drone Weaponry: A Fearsome Future?

This video display on Artificial Intelligence within Drones has to be seen to be …. PISSING FRIGHTENED. I sent it to a few grounded pals …. Note their reactions ……

David Blacker, Ex-SL Army infantryman: “I think so.”

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Exposure: Beach Scenes in Southern France over the Decades


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