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Kusal! Kusal! Improbable Victory in Durban celebrated within an Email Circuit

aa SAF 13

 I = A Note from Mike Morley, A Kiwi in Adelaide

Michael Morley
5:41 AM (43 minutes ago)

I DO hope you hadn’t switched off either after the first 2 wickets in 2 balls, let alone the second. I’d been watching until they got to over 200, and then switched on to watch a bit of the rugby I’d recorded. Then switched back when they were round 220, and decided to watch till the end, as it looked to me that No. 11 just MIGHT last two balls.

Thank God I stayed with it. What a win! And what an innings from Perera!

Unbelievable how unflustered he seemed. And what glorious sixes! Let alone the final four brilliantly placed through slips. His SECOND Test century? Incredible!

You’ll probably be celebrating all week ….. M

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Focus on the Eradication of Poverty NOW

Mervyn De Silva, former Director Ministry of Plan Implementation, Ex-Member of Parliament, has formulated a Scheme to eradicate inquality and poverty …. and sent it to Madam Chandrika Kumaratunga recently (see text below)


Poverty And Inequality Continue As Persistent, Unjust Socio-economic Issues Of Our Time

In his 84 – page document or, Apostolic exhortation as it is called, Pope Francis, firmly and eloquently drew the attention of all global leaders, big and small, to fight poverty and growing inequality with the sharpest words and phrases ever, on the dominant economic system, which he pointed out derives from “the tyranny of unfettered capitalism and the ideology of money”. Continue reading

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Vloices of the North Pregnant with Meaning?

Lynn Ockersz, in Island 26 December 2018, with this title  “Trilingual Wonder”

Voices of the North, Welcoming in unison the Lord’s Coming, In Sinhala, Tamil and English – Marking a ‘First’ for the Land, That by man-made divisions, Had been in the throes of suffering; A Trilingual Wonder we may call this, Thanks to the SL Army’s, Novel Hearts and Minds path to Healing, In recognition that Humanity is the key, To giving a war-wasted country, A New Birth and Beginning.

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Scott Walker’s Charitable Outreach in Sri Lanka

News Item in Daily FT, 13 October 2018, where the title runs  ” “Australian philanthropist sponsors water purification for 100 villages with ABC Trade & Investments’

Like most good things,  Scoot Walker’s introduction to Sri Lanka also happened by chance. He was en route from Australia to England on a ship when they docked on the island for a day. It was then Walker first visited the Colombo and Mount Lavinia areas and felt a strong sense of attachment and was convinced that he was “Sri Lankan in a past life!” 

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Sunil Vijayapala’s Terse Comments on the Crisis in Lanka & the Samarasinghe Article

Sunil Vijayapala, in Email Memo to The Editor, Thuppahi …. partly a response to the article which SWR de Samarasinghe presented in three outlets including Thuppahi

A= There is no solution other than going for a general election, which might materialise.

B = Tourism is not a solid dependable income, it depends on so many factors – a single bomb going off in Colombo is all that takes to reverse the flow.  Besides it’s all cheap shit arriving here – lower end tourists – hardly a good investment.

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Our Murali: An Ecumenical Man for All Peoples and Ethnicities

Pushpendra Albe, in Cricket Age, 10 November 2018 where the title is Murali Helps All Communities Alike, So Who Can Complain?”

As a cricketer, Muttiah Muralitharan has been regarded as the greatest spinnerof all time. As a cricketer, his journey to become the living legend of the game by overcoming all the hurdles and controversies, was nothing sort of a spectacular fairy tale.

However, there is another side of Murali, which has turned out equally admirable. As a philanthropist, through his NGO Foundation Of Goodness (FOG), Murali have brought change in the millions of the Sri Lankans, irrespective of their caste, background or religion. Murali’s journey as a philanthropist in last one decade has transformed Sri Lanka’s poor communities and has opened the whole new world for the younger generations. With his manager and founder trustee of FOG Kushil Gunasekera, Murali has become a symbol of peace, harmony and has uplifted millions of lives. Those Tamil leaders, who are questioning Murali’s contribution to the community, must see the ground reality of bowling legend philanthropic achievements, before pointing fingers towards him!

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Land Acquisition Processes in Sri Lanka, 1948-2018

Gerald H. Peiris, being  an article serialized recently in The Island, under the following heading  “Alleged ‘Land Grabbing’ by the Security Forces in Sri Lanka” … with highlighting emphasis being impositions by The Editor, Thuppahi

In view of the significance accorded in recent public debate and discussion on the subject of ‘land grabbing’ in several conflict-ridden countries of the Third World it is necessary to devote attention to a series of facts that are of crucial relevance to a balanced understanding of the related situation in Sri Lanka.

Figure 1 – post-conflict releases of land from the Palali HSZ

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