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Costly WASTE in the Heart of Canberra

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December 12, 2018 · 12:40 am

About King Frog in One Little Frog-Hole: Lanka’s Decline

Introducing Richard Simon

While composing a history of S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia, Richard Simon has crafted an essay that praises Canon De Saram for his vision in keeping the school out of the clutches of the standardized educational platform devised by CWW Kannangara in the 1940s – despite the cost, namely, considerable privation in the trappings of the school borne for several decades. Deploying the metaphor of knowledge focused solely on the height of one’s own Piduratalagala with blanket inattention to that of Mount Everest, Simon presents a slashing criticism of the overkill in indigenization ushered in by the political processes of the 1940s to 1970s – here echoing one of Canon RS de Saram’s prize-day speeches where the latter asked: “What do they know of Ceylon who only Ceylon know?”

 CWW Kannangara 

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Sri Lanka’s Political Story from 1948-2018 in a Slash-and-Burn Nutshell

Qadri Ismail, in Groundviews, 3 November 2018, where the title is “WHAT, to the minority, is democracy?” ….with emphasis insertedby the Editor, Thuppahi

Maithripala Sirisena violates the constitution, stands to destroy democracy itself. Liberals, overwhelmingly Sinhalese, are aggrieved, appalled, aghast.

As a minority, I laugh. Not the happy laughter of someone enjoying a good joke. But the bitter, mirthless cackle of someone forced to read this script many times before – like every full moon, when the temple speakers blare its bana and you can’t blot out the noise with sleep because the liquor stores are closed.

All postcolonial Sri Lankan heads of government, all of them Sinhalese, have consistently violated the constitution and/or “threatened” democracy – usually by practicing it – and/or oppressed minorities. One could deem it a job requirement.

Just a few months after independence, Don Stephen Senanayake denaturalized, then disenfranchised ‘Indian’ Tamil citizens, already alienated from this country by their naming. Constitutional? Probably not. Democratic? Absolutely – passed by a majority of Parliament. Continue reading

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A Sinhala Cartoon depicting Lanka’s Present Situation

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September 18, 2018 · 1:37 am

Fervent Feminism and Victimology in Indefensible Rage …. and A Cartoonist ‘set on fire’

The strident reactions of a number of women, as well as men, including Billie Jean King and JK Rawling, in defense of Serena Williams and in criticism of Umpire Carlos Ramos (whose history has been exemplary), displays  a form of extremism which is indefensible ,,, and yet another sign of the currents of “secular fundamentalism” in the Western world. It indicates that “victimology” can service extremism. Its absurdity is displayed in the rabid criticism of the cartoonist Mark Knight for pursuing his satirical craft in the pattern of satire  … See some of the news reportage, Michael Roberts

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Australia Advances: An Appropriate National Anthem

Australians all, let us rejoice

For we indeed are free,

To vote for leaders of our choice

In this democracy;

And now to greater heights we soar,

For we’re Australians fair,

We’ve built this great revolving door

The leadership to share.

We care, we share with all out there,

Advance Australia fair!


We Aussies lead the world today

In this great sport of “Swap!”

The three-year term we’ll peel away,

That rot has got to stop.

A year or so must see them go,

To give the rest a chance,

Our talent pool we can’t ignore,

They’re desperate to advance.

No worries, be they friend or foe,

They’re desperate to advance!


If you would be the Head of State,

From battle do not shrink;

Remember mate,  your use-by-date

Is closer than you think.

We sons of Brutus gather round

With daggers in the air,

No Caesar shall our plans confound

To save Australia fair.

How sweet the sound of change profound,

Let’s dance, Australia fair!

 …. an original composition from Nirmala Labrooy of Adelaide

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Serena’s Black Panther Suit outlawed from Roland Garros

AFP News Item in Sunday Observer, 26 August 2018, where the title is Serena Williams banned from wearing Black Panther catsuit”

Serena Williams will be banned from wearing her ‘Black Panther’ catsuit again at the French Open after Roland Garros chiefs described the outfit as “going too far”. The 36-year-old American star stunned Paris this year in her body-hugging outfit which she said was inspired by the ‘Black Panther’ movie and made her feel like a ‘warrior princess’.As well as describing it as “fun and functional”, Williams insisted it helped her prevent a return of the blood clots which put her life in danger after giving birth last year. Continue reading

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