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Striking Camera Hits

COL01:SPORT-CRICKET AUSTRALIA:KANDY,SRILANKA,10SEP99 – Australian fielders Jason Gillespie (left) and captain Steve Waugh collide in attempting to take a catch from the bat of Sri Lankan Mahela Jayawardena on the second day of the first cricket test at the Asgiriya stadium in central Kandy September 10. Jayawardena survived with his score on 34 but the two fielders were taken to hospital with Gillespie rushed on a stretcher with a broken leg and Waugh with an injured nose. The Jayawardena swept a ball from Colin Miller and Gillespie came in from long-leg while Waugh rushed down from short fine-leg to take the catch. Sri Lanka went in for lunch at 181 for 5. al/Photo by Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi REUTERS

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Familial Togetherness!

…. in Contrast

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An Essential Coupling: For A Bilingual National Anthem on 4th February

It appears that there are pressures in motion[1] to return to the old Rajapaksa programme of rendering the National Anthem on Independence Day in Sinhala Only. As Eranda Ginige has contended, this would be a retrograde step. Towards our comprehension of the issues, I present a preliminary and incomplete bibliography of pertinent items — including the work of Kushil Gunasekera and his Foundation of Goodness in fostering the Murali Cup; the endeavours of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene; and Sasanka Perera’s slashing criticism of the parochial responses to Kishani Jaysinghe’s operatic rendering of “Danno Budunge.”

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The Vicious Political Fervour promoted by Social Media Today

Michael Roberts

My past studies of ethnic pogroms in Sri Lanka and India alerted me to the power of oral communication and emotional voices in sparking retaliation against an ethnic other in neighbourhood or region.[1] In May-June 1915 oral tales of Muslim atrocity (mostly concocted one can assume) were carried along the railway tracks and thus converted a clash at Castle Street Kandy on the night of the 28th May night into a series of violent attacks on Muslims residing in such towns as Kegalle, Rambukkana, Colombo, Panadura on the 29th and 30th May and thence to Galle and Matara and their outlying road networks between the 1st and 4th June.


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The Amazing Treasures of Leyn Baan Street in the Fort of Galle

Juliet Coombe, in Ceylon Digest,  19 December 2019,where the title is  “Galle Fort’s hidden treasure Leyn Baan”

  The Fort from the air showing the magnificence of the old city

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Dear Tamil Brethren ….

A LETTER from A Sinhala Collective, in Island, 14 December 2019, where the title runs thus “A Letter to Tamil Citizens from a Group of Sinhalese” …. with highlighting emphasis added by The Editor, Thuppahi

After the recent Presidential election, we were saddened to see, how the Tamil voting pattern reflected the division between us and that the Tamil Eelam map was drawn once again. We know, there was significant fear created by politicians who had a lot to gain from the Tamil voters, but unfortunately it was representative of the fact that the Tamils are not one with the rest of the country.

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Hate. Where An Incisive Cartoon provokes Australian Invective

Michael Leunig, in The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 November 2019, where the title runs thus: “Aiming to stir the possum, I got engulfed in free-floating hate”

It was exactly 50 years ago that I started working as a full-time newspaper cartoonist, and as if to celebrate this anniversary, mysterious fate had me drawing a cartoon which brought so much hostile public reaction that I began to lie awake at night wondering why I had followed such a troubled, painful and precarious career path.

The cartoon at the centre of the controversy.
The cartoon at the centre of the controversy….. CREDIT:MICHAEL LEUNIG

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