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Vibrant Lifeways in Sri Lanka via Its Literary Figures and Places

Uma Mahadevan Dasgupta  in The Hindu, 8 December 2018,  where the title is “In Sri Lanka, Life imitates Art”

As we travel through Sri Lanka, its strong literary voices come crashing in like waves, and life seems to imitate art

I sit in the huge living room of the old governor’s home in Jaffna. The walls, painted… a warm rose-red, stretch awesome distances away to my left, to my right and up towards a white ceiling. When the Dutch first built this house egg white was used to paint the walls. The doors are twenty feet high, as if awaiting the day when a family of acrobats will walk from room to room, sideways, without dismantling themselves from each other’s shoulders. —Running in the Family, Michael Ondaatje

 Hectic colours: Second Cross Street Pettah 

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The Political Tussles behind the Cricketing Grounds in Colombo, 1945-2018

Nicholas Brookes and Benjamin Golby in The Cricket Monthly, 19 November 2018, where the title is “In Colombo, three is not a crowd” …..
courtesy of the two authors, my new pals…. with some liberty on my part with reference to the title, the pictorial illustrations and the deployment of highlighting to aid understanding … and a few additional pictorial touches.

Learn more about the SSC, P Sara and the Premadasa and you will understand Sri Lanka a bit better as a country.  Colombo has 3 active international cricket grounds. Indulgent? A triumvirate of venues when Kolkata, Karachi, Cape Town and Melbourne settle for a single ground; even London houses merely two.


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SSS: Scenic SKYE in Scotland

Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland

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The Epitome of Scholarship in British Migration History and Much More: Eric Richards’ Publications Galore

PUBLICATIONS  OF  ERIC  RICHARDS:  A LISTING up to November 2018 provided by Robert Fitzsimons of Flinders University

Publication forthcoming:

 * “Migration at Extremes”. Keynote address at the conference Colonial and Wartime Migration, 1815-1918, Amiens, France, 12-14 September, 2018.

*  “Migrants in Crisis in Nineteenth-Century Britain.” In The Oxford Handbook of Migration Crises, edited by Cecilia Manjvar, Marie Ruiz and Immanuel Ness. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019.

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Game, Set and Eric: Professor Eric Richards, August 1940 – September 2018

Memories of Eric from the Tennis Academia

 ERIC watching the Socceroos at Adelaide Oval

RON SLEE: Eric Richards,  Renaissance man

My first and last encounters with Eric were on a court.  40 years ago at Flinders University, we played squash at lunch time.  Four weeks ago, we played tennis at Eden Hills on Saturday afternoon, just up the road from that Flinders squash court.  Sport kept bringing us together over those four decades.  We enjoyed different sports, but tennis was the enduring one.  Continue reading

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Young Tamara Kunanayakam in Central Europe, 1970s-to-1980s

Michael Roberts

 With Tamara Kunanayakam what you see and hear is what you get: no subterfuges, straight-talking without frills or obscurantisms. Seeking to explore the events in Geneva from 2011 when she was our Permanent Representative there for a short spell, I met her in her rented home in Battaramulla in June 2016 in the convivial presence of her French husband and their dog Hombrito.[1]

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Two Novel Tourist Lodges hit the Headlines via Awards

Item n Sunday Island, 28 October 2019, with this title “Cape Weligama And Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Conde Nast Traveller 2018 reader awards”


The premier global luxury travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, has unveiled the winners of its Readers’ Choice Awards, the longest-running and most prestigious recognition of excellence in the travel industry. The 31st annual Awards ranked the best hotels, resorts, cities, islands, airlines, airports, and cruise lines in the world. Nearly half a million readers rated their travel experiences to provide a full snapshot of where and how we travel today.-

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