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Revelations from Ram of The Hindu: From JRJ to 2016 Today

Darshanie Ratnawalli, in The Sunday Island,22 January 2017, where the title reads I can’t give up my interest in SL” Sri Lanka’s favourite foreign journalist becomes confidential

Ram the former editor in chief of The Hindu has had a long association with Sri Lanka. In the 1980s he used to come here regularly, motivated by his interest in the Tamil question. As a working journalist who happened also to be the Managing Director of The Hindu and a foremost member of the family which controls The Hindu Group, he had privileged access to President J. R. Jayewardene. They used to have long conversations during which JR would discuss what came to be the Indo-Lanka accord. Ram would be asked to switch off his recorder and JR would say things like, “India should guarantee this agreement”.


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Jayasekera’s Critical Study of the British Colonial Dispensation in Ceylon



Preface                                                    ix

Abbreviations                                           xi

Introduction                                            xiii

Part 1:  The British Colonial Project in 19th Century Sri Lanka: The Orwellian Logic                                            01

Part 2: Christian Colonialism and theResistance and Revival of Buddhism                                   175

Part 3: Buddhism, Theosophy and Nationalism                      355

Bibliography  …  517 …..  Index   ….         557 Continue reading

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The Limits of State Sovereignty and R2P: Gareth Evans in Colombo, Mid-2007

Gareth Evans: “The Limits of Sovereignty: The Responsibility to Protect in the 21st Century,”  being the Neelan Memorial Lecture of 2007 …. see vital NOTE at the end clarifying the context and inviting responses.


Today more than ever, on this eighth anniversary of his assassination, Sri Lankans and those in the wider international community need to remember and be re-inspired by Neelan Tiruchelvam’s life and achievements. While we can no longer benefit directly from his remarkable intelligence and learning, his boundless energy, his political commitment, and his optimism, we do still have his spirit living among us in the ideas and institutions he gave us, and in the example he set for us of an engaged intellectual and a principled politician.


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The First Settlers and Their Claim to Ownership of Terrain/State. A Comparative Excursion

 Michael Roberts, introducing an article entitled “Firstness, History, Place & Legitimate Claimto Place as homeland in Comparative Focus”originally presented in Abdul Rahman Embong, Rethinking Ethnicity and Nation Building: Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Fiji in Comparative Perspective, Panbrit UKM, Bangi, Malaysia, (c. 2003 ) which was then reprinted as abooklet by ICES, Colombo in 2005 –see ISBN 955-580-099-5

I.    The Story of Sri Lanka in Slanted Summary

To summarise the tale of modern Sri Lankan political conflict in a few words is impossible. The principal outlines have been set out in a number of publications[1] and Donald Horowitz has provided an instructive comparison of the divergent stories of accommodation in Malaysia and failure of coexistence in Sri Lanka (Horowitz 1993) in ways that cater to the thrust of this comparative exercise. Let me begin therefore with a specific twist upon a summary. aaveddas-vedda-org Vaddaas aa-oaslai-22 Orang Asli aus-ab-blueswami Aboriginal Folk in Oz

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The Halpes: Amiability and Aesthetics Personified

Michael Roberts

aahalpe-11-dailynews-archives aahalpes-22-sunday-observer

My association with the Halpes did not begin at Peradeniya but at Galle. Bridget Abeykoon attended Sacred Heart Convent, while her twin brother Clarence was at the brother college, St. Aloysius, next door. The Abeykoons lived in Magalle and thus fell within Murphy House, my house too though I lived within the Fort quarter. Clarence was, if I recall correctly, maybe one year senior to me. He was an outstanding sprinter for Murphy House as well as St. Aloysius. As such we were thrown together on the athletic field, not least as part of our two relay quartets. He was known as “Doon” among friends and I recollect the occasional visit to his house. Continue reading

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Michelle de Kretser in the Mix for New Novels in 2017 from Franklin Award Winners

Stephen Romei,  from The Weekend Australian, 8 January 2017, where the title is “Miles of new novels illuminate a year of literary largesse”

The next 12 months promise to be exciting for Australian literature, with no fewer than seven winners of the Miles Franklin Literary Award publishing new novels. The international fiction scene also looks impressive, with British writer Hilary Mantel due to produce the third and final instalment of her dual Man Booker Prize-winning Wolf Hall trilogy. Nonfiction, too, has a lot to offer, with former prime minister Tony Abbott delivering a second memoir, Reflections, and author Grantlee Kieza considering a close but private side of the life of our most famous bushranger in Mrs Kelly: The Astonishing Life of Ned Kelly’s Mother.

aapatric-aaron-francis Alex Patric. Picture: Aaron Francisaamichelle-smhMICHELLE —Sydney Morning Herald

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Q and A with the Legendary Hussein Cassim

marinne-davidMarianne David for Daily FT, 14 October 2016, under title “Hussein Cassim;’s Legendary Journey”


Q: Could you tell us about your childhood – your family, where you were born and where you grew up?…….A: I was born on 9 September 1925 and turned 91 last month. I was born the eldest in a family of six children, in Galle Fort during the Great Depression. My father was a wealthy bachelor who went bankrupt. Then the war followed. It was hard times with food and other essentials being rationed and sometimes even suffering the ignominy of not having a decent place to live. My mother’s strength and piety was what united our family and gave us courage. Our house was near the old lighthouse where a cannon had been installed. One day when they fired the cannon, one of the walls in the house cracked from top to bottom. The next morning the captain came and told my father that this would keep happening and advised us to shift. As a result, the family was splintered and I was sent to Kurunegala to live with relatives when I was 14. Continue reading

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