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Indians and Aussies gather for a Youth Forum on Democracy

Item in Indian Sun, 14 January 2018 … with title AIYD 2018 to focus on democracy in the age of digital disruption”

Some of India and Australia’s brightest talent and emerging young leaders will converge in New Delhi and Mumbai, this month, for the 2018 Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD 2018). The annual dialogue provides a platform for the best and brightest, from both countries, to meet, engage, and harness the vision of youth to collaborate and build enduring partnerships between India and Australia.

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Revisiting the Story of the IDP Camps, 2009 et seq: ONE

Michael Roberts

As with Eelam War IV the Western media juggernaut, primed and fed by the extensive LTTE networks abroad, mounted an effective disinformation campaign on this topic. One illustration was when Jeremy Page of the BBC reported in June 2009 that 1400 persons were dying per week in the Manik Farm camps.

Coping with the influx of internal Tamil IDPS from late 2008 onwards was in fact a huge administrative and humanitarian problem with security implications. The task was faced by the Government of Sri Lanka and a collection of INGOS and NGOs with the support of monetary aid provided by the Western governments and UN agencies and with a Coordinating Committee chaired by Mahinda Samarasinghe keeping an eye on proceedings.

Annet Royce (standing) and Sewalanak Cooking team at Omanthai transit camp in mid-May 2009 preparing food packets for IDPS bussed in from war front on way to Manik Farm Camps Continue reading

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Media Faux Pas about Celebrity Mallika

DAWN Desk Report, 11 January 2018

Just how much can the media get wrong about the life of a celeb? According to Mallika Sherawat, just about everything. Yesterday, AFP reported that Mallika and her French husband Cyrille Auxenfans are being evicted from their apartment in a posh neighbourhood of Paris after having failed to pay its rent and other expenses, which now amount to a whopping 78,787 euros.

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About Hathuru …. before Q and A with Hathuru

Rex Clementine in Island, 31 December 2017, where the title runs Hathurusingha harps on No Dickheads policy”….. with emphasis in highlights added by Editor, Thuppahi

Not many Asian teams go to South Africa and excel. Sri Lanka in particular have a disastrous record over there. Yet, one man conquered the last frontier. Chandika Hathurusingha took a young Sri Lanka ‘A’ side to South Africa in 2009 comprising the likes of Angelo Mathews, Tharanga Paranavithana and Suranga Lakmal and they recorded a 4-1 series win against a strong opposition.

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Jewish-Muslim Amity in Essaouira and Morocco

Item in The Economist Nov 2nd 2017, where the title is Morocco’s little idyll of Jewish-Muslim coexistence: A moment of religious harmony””

ONCE a year the little seaside town of Essaouira, in Morocco, reclaims its lost Jewish community. Sephardic trills echo from its whitewashed synagogues. The medieval souks fill with Jewish skullcaps. Rabbis and cantors wish Muslims “Shabbat Shalom” and regale them with Hebrew incantations. “It’s our culture,” says a merchant from Marrakech, who travelled 200km (124 miles) to hear them this year.

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The Guard Stones Of Ancient Sri Lanka

Shannine Daniel, courtesy of Roar Media, 6 December 2017, where the title is  “When Architecture and Buddhism Came Together. The Guard Stones Of Ancient Sri Lanka”

The ruins of Sri Lanka’s ancient kingdoms are a testament to the architectural skill of our ancestors. They have several unique architectural features including intricately carved stairs, the moonstones that lie at the foot of the stairs, and the guard stones that are placed on either side of the stairs at the entrances to these historic and religious sites. Among these, the guard stones, known as muragal in Sinhalese, are particularly fascinating. These features of Sinhalese architecture have both practical and decorative purposes.

 Some academics believe that the concept of guard stones found its way to Sri Lanka from India

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Eagles that hunt drones as Members of the French Air Force

French military using winged warriors to hunt down rogue drones.   This is amazing.

Following incidents of drones flying over the presidential palace and restricted military sites – along with the deadly 2015 Paris terror attacks – the French Air Force has trained four golden eagles to intercept and destroy the rogue aircraft.

A golden eagle grabs a flying drone during a military training exercise at Mont-de-Marsan French Air Force base, Southwestern France.

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