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A Visitor from Deep Sea via Outer Space

 A bull shark visits Queensland 

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Royal-Thomian Rivalry and Revelry 2017

References courtesy of  SENAKA WEERARATNA  

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SBS Travelogue boosts Sri Lanka’s Animal World and Traveller Joys

Neha Kale introduces “Wild Sri Lanka,” a three-part documentary series that explores Sri Lanka’s sublime natural beauty and diverse local wildlife is full of humbling moments you won’t soon forget… beginning this Friday evening at 7.30 pm on SBS …. via an introductory article entitled “Five Times I was blown way by Sri Lanka — Paradise in the Indian Ocean”

neha-11Few places are a canvas for traveler’s fantasies quite like Sri Lanka. Although the island country has long been associated with crumbling Dutch forts and empty beaches, the civil war, which ran between 1983 and 2009, has seen it largely avoid attention from a tourist invasion. Unlike nearby India (ground zero for Eat Pray Love devotees) Sri Lanka retains an air of mystique. Sri Lanka – Paradise In The Indian Ocean, a three-part National Geographic documentary series that airs on SBS on 28 October, is less interested in this version of Sri Lanka as an unspoiled tropical playground than it is in zoning in on the natural rhythms of one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. The first episode introduces viewers to a cast of leopards, elephants and jackals that play larger-than-life characters in an age-old, primal drama. Here are five times it reminded me that nature is so much smarter than we give it credit for and that pausing to appreciate its majesty will blow you away every time.
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Believe IT or Not????

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African Elephants Mourn a Matriarch Elephant’s Death

Laura Parker, where the original title reads “Rare Video Shows Elephants ‘Mourning’ Matriarch’s Death’,” .. oignant scene from africa sheds light on animal bahaviour. 

ELEPHANTS in mourning

It has become rare for wild African elephants to live to old age, thanks to their brutal slaughter by ivory poachers. Rarer still is the chance for scientists to observe elephants as they cope with the death of their family leader. Shifra Goldenberg, a Colorado State University doctoral student, is among the lucky few. She watched the final days as Queen Victoria, one of the last surviving old matriarchs in the Samburu National Reserve in northern Kenya, died of natural causes in 2013, with her family members close by. When Goldenberg returned to the carcass a few weeks later, she encountered elephants from three separate families inspecting the bones. Were they paying respect?

Goldenberg’s 15-minute video of the elephants’ investigation, made available exclusively to National Geographic for the first time, is an important new addition to the growing body of research about the complexity of elephant thought and perception and their responses to death. The video not only captures an important ritual of elephant behavior, but reveals new insights about the strength of social bonds.

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Close Encounters of the African Kind

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Wild Sri Lanka

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