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A Frigate Bird lands in the Chilaw Area

Malaka Rodrigo in Sunday Times, 18 August 2019, where the title runs Out of the blue, a visitor is blown in by the monsoon”

An unusually large bird found this week on Muthu Panthiya island in Chilaw drew crowds as it had never been observed on land. Stricken by curiosity, the villagers caught the bird and handed over to the Anawilndawa wildlife office. The bird, blackish with white underparts, had a very long, hooked beak and a wide wingspan and looked clumsy on the land, unable to perch properly. It was later identified as a frigatebird – a large seabird inhabiting tropical and subtropical ocean regions.

Surprise visitor: The Frigatebird. Pic by Hiran Priyankara


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Nandhikadal TODAY …. and Yesterday April-May 2009 …. Migrants 2019 & Survivors 2009

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Monkeys in Their Sri Lankan Kingdom

‘Monkey Kingdom’ is coming to SBS on Saturday 1 June at 7:35pm. (SBS)
It’s a shameless celebration of loving monkeys!
By Dan Barrett

 31 MAY 2019 – 10:29 AM  UPDATED YESTERDAY 10:30 AM

‘Monkey Kingdom’ is the best time you’ll ever spend with monkeys and Tina Fey.

From the opening moments of the documentary Disney Nature: Monkey Kingdom, you know you are in for a fun time. As the sun rises over the jungles of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka and the first monkeys make their way onto the screen, your TV speakers will burst alive to the tune of “Hey Hey, We’re The Monkees”.

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Water and Wild Life in Sri Lanka brought to life

Mike Birkhead and Associates .... and their Documentary Series =

Nowhere else on earth is the power of water to create, shape and sustain life so dazzlingly evident as on the tiny oceanic island of Sri Lanka. Rising from the waves, it is a land where not one, but two monsoons mark time. A world where rains pour down, clouds swell, rivers flow, mists dance across the skies, frosts dust the highlands and thousands of man-made lakes form a curious wonderland filled with a wildlife that is strange, beautiful and utterly unique. In this series we will delve into the land of these breathtaking creatures – from the largest mammal on earth, the blue whale, to the smallest, the etruscan shrew – and discover how, from the moment Sri Lanka fractured from the southern supercontinent of Gondwanaland and was carried by the oceans to its present home – it has been an island which has been ruled by one unstoppable force: water.

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Our Wonderful World: The Mammals of Ceylon Brought to Life

Burton K Lim in © 2015 American Society of Mammalogists, ……

…. reviewing  A. Yapa, A. and G. Ratnavira  2013. The Mammals of Sri Lanka. Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, Department of Zoology, University of Colombo, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka. 1,012 pp. ISBN: 978-955-8576-32-8, price (hard cover), Rs. 7500.

The last comprehensive book on the mammals of Sri Lanka was compiled 8 decades ago when the island nation off the coast of India was known as the British colony of Ceylon (Phillips 1935). A sumptuously illustrated opus that updates and exceeds this earlier monograph was published last year with text exquisitely written by Asoka Yapa and color plates artistically painted by Gamini Ratnavira.

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A Pictorial Treat: Mannar Unbound as a Journey through History and Nature

“Mannar Unbound is an invitation for you to delight in the images and history of the region. Importantly, it is also a call for you to empathize with the beauty of the natural world and to contribute towards ensuring that Mannar’s aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems remain free from damage and exploitation as far as possible. It is perhaps an ironic conclusion for a book of photography that its authors hope that future generations may continue to appreciate the natural world without having to resort to photographs as their only witness.”

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Hares In and Around … with A Cricketing Excursion

A Snowshoe Hare = The snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus), also called the varying hare, or snowshoe rabbit, is a species of hare found in North America. It has the name “snowshoe” because of the large size of its hind feet. The animal’s feet prevent it from sinking into the snow when it hops and walks. Its feet also have fur on the soles to protect it from freezing temperatures….. []

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